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Remembering Actress Natalia Krachkovsky

Natalia Krachkovsky
Natalia Krachkovsky in 12 Chairs via Pravda

Earlier this week, one of Russia’s most famous actresses, Natalia Krachkovsky passed away at age 78 in a Moscow hospital. She was hospitalized on February 28th after complaining of chest pains, and ultimately succumbed to a severe heart attack. The star of such memorable films as; Mommy, Vanity of Vanities, Krachkovsky had her son Vasily Krachkovsky at her side.

Born in 1938, Krachkovky enjoyed a career that spanned four decades. Star of more than 70 films, Natalia was honored in 1998 with the title, Honored Artist of Russia. The daughter of actress, she spent her childhood at the theater. In 1962, Natalia met  sound engineer Vladimir Krachkovsky, and the couple soon married.

Natalia Krachkovsky - Via

Natalia’s initial success came for her portrayal of Madame Gritsatsuyeva, in the film she is most remembered for, 12 Chairs. She is also fondly remembered for movies like Man from Boulevard des Capucines and Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation, and many, many more. On the latter film, audiences loved the role Natalia played, as the wife of the superintendent of Bunsi. The film is considered a classic of domestic cinema, and the phrase of the hero, Yuri Yakovlev, "Leave me the old woman, I in grief" took wings thereafter in Russia.

Famous for her wonderful facial expressions and comedic gestures, Krachkovskaya performed often with old friend Michael Kokshenovym. After the death of her husband of 26 years, Natalia never remarried. He is survived by her son Vasily, who works now at the studio "Mosfilm".