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Miss Russia 2016 Yana Dobrovolskaya

Yana Dobrovolskaya
Yana Dobrovolskaya

Winner of the 2016 Miss Russia pageant, Yana Dobrovolskaya now wears an elaborate and one-of-a-kind million dollar crown embeded with diamonds and pearls. Accepting her crown from Miss Russia 2015, Sofia Nikitchuk, the demure Dobrovolskaya stood out among some 50 beautiful Russian contestants over the weekend. 

The 18 year old Dobrovolskaya also won 3 million rubles, or about $45,000 dollars US, a car, and the right to represent Russia in the upcoming Miss World and Miss Universe beauty contests.

Yana Dobrovolskaya from Tyumen, is an expert ballroom dancer, a lover of children and student of child psychology, and an avid reader. The beauty's lifelong dream is to become a renowned dance teacher and to "train champions", for which Yana said she will spend a part of her prize.

The Miss Russia event has taken place every year since 1927. The trademark golden crown was created by Maksim Voznesensky's "Jewellery Theatre" shop in 2010.