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The Ministry of Culture to Boost Pskov Tourism

The Pskov Kremlin
The Pskov Kremlin

The Ministry of Culture of Russia has announced new developments to foster tourism to the ancient Russian city of Pskov and surrounds. The Deputy Minister, Alla Manilova (image below) told reporters this week of an urgent need to bolster the efforts to attract visitors to one of the nation's most beloved and interesting regions.

Pskov, one of the centers of spiritual culture of Russia, is home to some of the nation's most rare and important monuments and architecture. Attractions such as the Kremlin, Troitsky Cathedral, and numerous churches and temples reveal the dept of culture and history the world now knows as Russian. One icon, the Pskov School of Architecture and Icon Painting, is world renown proof of this region's contribution to humanity. Minister Manilova added this with regard to the new initiative:

"The Pskov region is an acute, painful need to promote tourism not only in Russia but also abroad. I will instruct the Federal Agency for tourism, to advertising campaign (Pskov - "if") the route that families could learn and come. Sunday school will also send their children."

Alla Manilova
Alla Manilova at the "Feel Russia" event in Gorky Park in March 2015

Ms. Manilova also said the initiative will focus on cultural tourism and spiritual enlightenment, which only makes sense given the city's limitless religious iconography and wonderful churches. Other magnificent attractions in the city include he Pskov Krom, the ancient citadel that defended the city in medieval times. The Pskvov Kremlin (feature image) is located strategically at the junction of the Velikaya River and smaller Pskova river.

Just 27 kilometers as the crow flies East of the Estonian border, Pskov has always been a vibrant touristic city. The first prince of Pskov was Vladimir the Great's youngest son Sudislav. Once taken by the legendary Teutonic Knights, the city and fortress were retaken by Alexander Nevsky. Our Russia will create a more in depth photo essay and historical backdrop for Pskov later on, but suffice it to say the city's lore and spiritual essence are the stuff of legend. This PowerPoint presentation reveals a lot more information about the city, but interested parties should visit the links provided or consult the Federal Ministry of Tourism here