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Russia's Tupolev to Revive Tu-334 Aircraft

Tu-334 flight testing
Tu-334 flight testing

Representatives of the company "ASKON" say the company has begun 3D design efforts to renew production of the Tu-334 medium-haul airliner. Leonid Kamalov, of the leading Russian developer of engineering software and integrator in the field of automation of design and production activities, told reporters this week: 

"Future plans tell of our intentention to act in cooperation with the Ulyanovskiy aviation cluster Ulyanovsk branch of KB "Tupolev", for using our software tools for designing a 3D model of the wing and tail of Tu-334 aircraft. The medium-range aircraft is scheduled to re-start production."

Tu-334 was developed in 1990ies with the aim of replacing the Yak-42, Tu-134 and Tu-154B. However, a passenger airliner was a competitor of Sukhoi Superjet 100, and therefore its mass production was never organized. In the end, the project of production of Tu-334 was frozen, but technically it was never closed. The specifications below reflect the Tu-334's characteristics in its previsous versions. 

  • Powerplant: Tu-334-100 - Two 73.6kN (16,535lb) ZMKB Progress D436T1 turbofans. Tu-334-100D - Two 80.5kN (18,100lb) D436T2s.
  • Performance: Tu-334-100 - Typical cruising speeds at 35,000ft 800 to 820km/h (430 to 442kt). Range with 102 passengers 2000km (1080nm). Tu-334-100D - Range with 102 passengers 4100km (2213nm). Tu-354 - Range with 126 passengers 2200km (1187nm).
  • Weight: Tu-334-100 - Empty 30,050kg (66,250lb), max takeoff 46,100kg (101,630lb). Tu-334-100D - Empty 34,375kg (75,785lb), max takeoff 54,420kg (119,975lb).
  • Dimentions: Tu-334-100 - Wing span 29.77m (97ft 8in), length 31.26m (102ft 7in), height 9.38m (30ft 9in). Wing area 83.2m2 (895.8sq ft). Tu-334-100D - Same except for wing span 32.61m (107ft 0in). Wing area 100.0m2 (1076.4sq ft).
  • Capacity: Tu-334 - Flightcrew of two or three. Seats 102 in a single class arrangement at 78cm (31in) pitch six abreast, or alternatively 72 in a two class arrangement with 12 first class passengers at four abreast and 102cm (40in) pitch and 60 economy class passengers at 78cm (31in) pitch at six abreast.
  • Production: Two prototypes were built but the type never went into commercial production.
  • Cruising speed: 820 km/h (510 mph; 443 kn) at 10,600–11,100 m (34,800–36,400 ft)
  • Range: 3,150 km (1,957 mi; 1,701 nmi)

No word has so far been heard from officials at Tupolev, but readers can see the full fleet of aircraft, including the highly efficient Tu-334 here.