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Evpatoria Hosts Crimea Tourism Exhibition


In the resort town of Evpatoria, the regional exhibition excursions and hiking trails was held for two days, The exhibition, held at the famous water park ""Lukomorya", showcased touristic offerings on the Crimean peninsula for this summer season. For 2016, officials are expecting 5.5-6 million tourists. In 2015, Crimea welcomed 4.9 million vacationers. 

Sponsored by the Ministry of Resorts, a new project revealed in a show called the "New face of the ancient spa", opened with a medley of films that were shot at different times in the picturesque places of the Crimean peninsula. According to some estimates, more than four hundred films and documentaries have been filmed on the Crimea peninsula over the yearsm, and visitors to the event got a chance to see the overall impact this part of Russia has had in modern times. 

The exhibition also offered informative activities like: a quiz on the theme of Crimean Movies, prize drawings, a case karaoke,  and even a dance competition. The Ministry of Tourism at the special exhibition, will present new tourist routes and excursions related to Crimean cinema. Guests of the exhibition will be informed about what events in the movies take place on the peninsula this summer. In a specially prepared photo-zone, Visitors were photographed against a background scenery of popular films like; "Bad good man", "Marina", "Sunset", "the Boatswain Seagull", "Outlaws", "Tachanka from the South" and others.

This is only a preparation for the summer season, as Crimean beaches for which most people come to see and partake in, are beginning to fill up as we speak. These opportunities presented to visit the Cinematic areas of Crimea represent an alternative to beach hopping this summer.